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  1. Zorph

    Fantasty Football 2018

    @Paradigm Please approve the trade with Averie. She sent it to me.
  2. Zorph

    First Tenacious Crowfall Twitch Stream - Hype

    I am hoping many will be able to attend this event to learn about Crowfall. Thomas Blair from ArtCraft - Crowfall is going to try and attend. He likely will be a few minutes late. Here is a link to the slide show we will be presenting - Crowfall Slide Show Twitch Stream -...
  3. Zorph

    QOS - possibly improving ping

    I had to set up a new router, so have been reading up on them. Turning on QOS might improve some peoples lag issues in games. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/fix-gaming-video-lag-easy-router-tweak/ You can test your speed at DSL Reports. It is a very good test because it shows your bufferbloat...
  4. Zorph

    Rend Server

    Ok @Kiwi has graciously hosted a Rend server. @LatestCrowd help create the servert in game. I would like to know the interest of players to see how we want to set this up. If we have a ton of people we could divide the teams up. If we have a few we could all go on one side and open it up to...
  5. Zorph

    Yahoo Fantasy Football

    I need one more team for Fantasy Football. It is a 10 team league just for fun. We will be drafting this coming Monday at 8:30 PM EST If your interested just click this link and sign up -...
  6. Zorph

    Revelation Online moving to Inactive

    We are officially moving Revelation Online to an inactive chapter. I will stay on as the guild leader in game if anyone needs an invite or help with anything. I know we have up to 20 people who are playing casually. Some are doing it in other guilds now and that is perfectly OK. I wanted to...
  7. Zorph

    Private Server for Rend in Early Access

    I was wondering if there is any interest in a private server of Rend when early access comes out. It is still very early in the game, but it looks fun. I was told there are going to be many options on how to set up the servers. We will want to put in so it is fair if we get enough. If we...
  8. Zorph

    Crowfall Quick Race Overviews Playlist

    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEnBPNnubCC4cexQfdWRxYPde-tHonng4 Haven't had a chance to watch these, but looks promising.
  9. Zorph

    Crowfall Packages

    Crowfall is still in Pre-Alpha unless you really like testing and seeing a game develop I would not recommend joining yet. But if you want there are two good options $50 gets in in testing and copy of the game. Or you can get 3 characters from Anshex kickstarter. This is a better deal IMHO...
  10. Zorph

    Crowfall - Soft Launch

    There has been many questions on soft launch that is expected by the end of the year. Soft Launch question and answers by the developers - https://community.crowfall.com/topic/20962-question-from-kickstarter-page/ My thoughts: Picking your character/stats - There is going to be a closed beta...
  11. Zorph


    VIP in Crowfall VIP membership provides a few additional benefits: VIP members can train three class skills at any time (instead of just one) Priority access to all game servers, VIP frame / badge on the forums, Discount pricing on any purchases, Other cool (but not game balance-affecting)...
  12. Zorph

    Guides and Updates

    Tutorials/Guides Some game play: Updates: https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/pre-alpha-5-live-for-april/ Pre-alpha live update for April (these type of updates are awesome to see) https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/multi-player-city-building/ Multi-player city building...
  13. Zorph

    Is Crowfall an MMORPG?

    What is an MMORPG? Is Crowfall and MMORPG? MMORPG - massively multiplayer online role-playing game: any story-driven online video game in which a player, taking on the persona of a character in a virtual or fantasy world, interacts with a large number of other players. To me you an MMORPG has...
  14. Zorph

    Guild Meeting tonight at 9:10 PM EST

    We will have a quick meeting to talk about the state of our guild and future. It will only be a 10 minute meeting during/after guild boss. 9:10 PM EST. For timed guild boss please don’t afk in the base and if possible have guild buffs/food ready so we can get started quicker. We have been...
  15. Zorph

    Recommendation for Gaming Microphones

    I know some people have talked about microphone for mumble/gaming. I recommend getting headphones you like then either going with an attached microphone like this...
  16. Zorph

    Password Manager

    I always recommend for people to use a password manager of some sort. I have used Lastpass for years, but recently switched to Bitwarden https://bitwarden.com/ Bitwarden just seems to work well. Most people can use it for free and be fine. If you want to subscribe it is only 10 dollars a...
  17. Zorph


    Welcome to Tenacious. Active chapters can be found by clicking forum and scrolling down.
  18. Zorph

    Updated Stipends

    Thank you to @Paradigm we are continuing the stipends system on a month to month basis. We will be rewarding the top 20 non-officers with 300 Aurum each week. You must get a minimum of 41 points to be eligible. POINTS AVAILABLE MOLLIFY GUILD QUESTS * 3 available at the bulletin board per...
  19. Zorph

    Short Guild Meeting after timed guild bosses Wednesday

    Short Guild Meeting after timed guild bosses Wednesday. We will be giving away 1 million notes and going over the guild future. It will be a short meeting, but an important one.
  20. Zorph

    EPGP Loot System

    We have a group in Revelation Online that is using this loot system called EPGP (Effort Points/Gear Points). Basically it is a priority system that rewards effort to give you higher priority on loot...
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