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  1. Termintor

    There is something in the water... in the world of Atreia

    I saw Termintor... In a pve instance. Called Theombos or something. He had three purple pve armor pieces on! WTF IS GOING ON!!!!!
  2. Termintor

    Thinking about coming back....

    Who wants to kick some arse!!!! I am sure my spear sucks majorily now... but o wellz
  3. Termintor

    Heroes of the Storm

    Let's get ready to MOBA!!!!!! Been playing this game with @Erica and @Mendien and it is sooooo much fun! Don't got to worry about gear just get your pvp on! Need more people to come play! Don't make me make a video to show you how awesome it is. I find it a lot more fun than League of Legends...
  4. Termintor

    Termintor's youtube extravaganza!

    Come one, come all! Come see Termintor make a fool of himself! I have three youtube channels that I would love to share with you if you are interested! Please subscribe and/or hit the like button if you enjoy the video and want more nonsense! My Personal Channel: This channel will have personal...
  5. Termintor

    What have I done!

    I can't..... I won't... Must resist.... Dont do it.... RNG will get the best of you.... Ok maybe, do it for the cool animations.... No dont fall for it.... Your gear will fail to socket.... Oh no it is downloading onto my pc... Must click cancel..... It is so close... Oh crap it...
  6. Termintor

    Civilization Online...

    This looks interesting... http://www.civilizationonline.com But xl games is the one that did Archeage isn't it... sigh
  7. Termintor

    What kind of headset are you pros using?

    Well after about 6 years my astro gaming headset is biting the dust, it has served me well. Helped me hear footsteps many a times in Counter strike and all that jazz! They are rather expensive, and really not wanting to spend that much again right now. Anyone got any recommendations for a 5.1...
  8. Termintor

    The Last year!

    I was talking to @Mendien about this game a few days ago, it looks so sick! Sadly it won't come out forever! but I think it is a fun and exciting new spin on what I would call "party pvp". Would be really fun to play in voip especially while drinking. So this is how it goes down: You have 5...
  9. Termintor

    After tonight's meeting....

    I think we should have an epic fishing or pack stealing party....
  10. Termintor

    All guild event this Friday after meeting? Whatcha want with it!

    Is Cock fighting going to happen friday? If not we need to do something peeps! Step on down cast your vote! check out this thread if not sure what something means: http://tenaciousgamers.com/index.php?threads/who-is-up-for-some-friendly-rivalry-events.5152/
  11. Termintor

    Is the crafted gear still the best?

    Is the crafted gear still the best or does the new dungeon have better gear? I only have some GHA gear and no crafted gear, so trying got figure out if I should even get the crafted armor at this point.
  12. Termintor

    Who is up for some friendly rivalry events? :)

    So I know everyone likes making gold and a lot of us like pvp so why not make gold, gain some rep and talk a little smack to guildies all in the process :) This is what I was thinking.... Tractor Attackers 2 Teams Defenders and Attackers Objective Defenders try to reach gold merchant before...
  13. Termintor

    One Video to Rule them ALl...

    Ok not really.. And I made some noob mistakes like having my iPhone in portrait instead of landscape but... arr. This video was done prior to the trade pack run last night, I was having technical difficulties so sadly didn't get to post before we did stuff. Anyway here ya go....
  14. Termintor

    Shout out to my fellow guildies!

    I just want to say that this past week has been so much FUN! Probably the most fun I have had in an mmo in a LONG time! All you guys are awesome! I think most if not all of the bad apples have either left the guild, quit the game, or got kicked :) For those that dont know we have been having...
  15. Termintor

    Big shout out to Loanwolf!

    Big Shout out to loanwolf for leading the raid to freedrich for some trade pack turn ins and pvp fun! I would like you to post in this thread and say what you learned and what do we need to do better as a guild. This isn't a criticize loanwolf thread, but if you think there is something he...
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