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Awarded medals


    Heroic Gamer

    . Congratulations on having been named a Heroic Gamer in an Official Tenacious Chapter! Thanks for everything you do.

    Myrtle Beach 2018

    . Thank you for spending time with us at the beach house this year!

    1st Anniversary

    . Happy 1 Year Anniversary! .. So, what'd you get us?

    Your 100th Post

    . Apparently you've said 100 things in 100 different posts. We're hoping it was something different each time and not spam.

    100th Like - Serial Post Liker

    . You sure like a lot of the things people are sayin' and doin' around here - I guess you fit in!

    You've Been Liked 25 Times!

    . Hey .. Uhhhm, we think we like you .. D-Do you like us back? Please check one: yes [ ] no [ ]

    Your 25th Post

    . You've said 25 things in 25 different posts on our forums and we haven't banned you yet, you must be good people.
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